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Butt-On Parody of Head-On Commercial

Butt-On is a video parody of the infamous Head-On placebo/non-product drug commercial that drones on and on and on. You can view the Butt-On parody on youtube.

Project date: September 2006.

When I first saw the commercial for the Head On product, I just knew (like so many others) that it required a suitable parody.

I wanted a parody that conveyed how completely stupid I considered the product and commercial, yet had a relatively high standard of facsimile. This inspired the "Butt-On, apply directly to your butt cheeks" commercial.

This project required roughly a day to complete. Tools used in this project:

  • Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Adobe Premiere Elements
  • Canon SureShot
  • Microphone/laptop recorder
  • Green cloth from Joann Fabrics
  • People
The background is just a simple gradient fill in Photoshop:
It has an overlay with a grid - I only worked on this "just enough" to make it convincing
Then updated the background with the overlay,
Finally, here's the background with the text used at the beginning of the video
The packaging spoof at the end is just tedious Photoshop work, following closely on the original packaging for the HeadOn product. Colors and gradients were applied using the eyedropper, and rotation/skew applied to orient the product correctly to match. Here's an example of a work-in-progress image with the original and parody side-by-side
There's some detailed content on the package that might not be entirely visible in the video:
Finally, the video and voice-over of course use live people. Here's a screen shot from the green screen sequence
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